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Crying Sex

Crying sex is a phenomena experienced by many people at the height of their orgasmic bliss. A cathartic release of emotional energy that borders on the side of becoming spiritual. If you have ever found yourself or your partner crying sexually that's nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about. Crying passion can be an important part of an emotional breakthrough that allows you to experience sexual release on a deeper level than you have ever believed possible before now. Welcome to Crying Sex where we celebrate the harmony between physical release, emotional relief and spiritual peace!

Kaci Starr Has A Hard Time Cumming Because Shes Lonely

Kaci Starr Has A Hard Time Cumming Because Shes LonelyWhen Kaci Starr got herself prepped for her first crying orgasm scene at Crygasm she tried to pick something to think about that would help facilitate an inner exploration of her emotions and feelings so that she could fully enjoy a crying release.

Since Kaci's boyfriend recently left her for a newer pornstar it was fairly easy for Kaci to find something to think about. In fact she obviously is still quite hurt by the experience since when she finally achieves her orgasm she bursts into some heavy tears from her emotional release.

Fresh Faced Beauty Lilith Cries When She Cums

Fresh Faced Beauty Lilith Cries When She CumsLilith used to have a hard time fitting big dick into her hot horny holes. One of her past boyfriends dumped her because she complained too much about how his big cock simply wouldn't fit. He had been one of her favorite lovers and the split really upset her. As a result of that break-up Lilith put her energy to great use and learned how to fill herself with some of the biggest dick imaginable! For this sizzling crying orgasn scene Lilith taps back into the pain she felt when she was dumped for not being a good enough cock slut, resulting in an intensely powerful orgasmic release accompanied with an outpouring of fresh tears.

Rhiannon Alize Tries Something New When She Cums

Rhiannon Alize Tries Something New When She CumsRhiannon Alize has always had a great time masturbating, she cums every single time and loves every single minute of the action leading up to that sizzling explosion.

Today Rhiannon is fucking her sweet succulent pussy with her favorite 8 inch dildo and then works her ass just as hard until she has an impressive physically explosive orgasmic release. While she's cumming Rhiannon also manages to tap into her deep seated emotions so that she can fully immerse herself in the almost spiritual release at the same time, with her very first crying orgasm experience.
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