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Crying Sex

Crying sex is a phenomena experienced by many people at the height of their orgasmic bliss. A cathartic release of emotional energy that borders on the side of becoming spiritual. If you have ever found yourself or your partner crying sexually that's nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about. Crying passion can be an important part of an emotional breakthrough that allows you to experience sexual release on a deeper level than you have ever believed possible before now. Welcome to Crying Sex where we celebrate the harmony between physical release, emotional relief and spiritual peace!

A Dildo Is Not Enough For Sexy Blonde Tricia Oaks

A Dildo Is Not Enough For Sexy Blonde Tricia OaksTricia Oaks is a delicious blonde pornstar who has a difficult time cumming in this hot Crygasm scene. She's working her hot pussy hard with that glass dildo, sliding it in and out, rubbing it over her clit and licking her sweet juices from it before plunging it back inside, but somehow it's just not enough for this sexy blonde slut to be able to climax! To the rescue, her knight in shining armor is a not-so-glamorous plug-in-the-wall massager vibrator that delivers a powerful 220v jolt of powerful clit buzzing that finally makes her release all that pent up sexual energy with a thrilling orgasm while crying tears down her cheeks.

Mature Blond Lynn Norwood Experiences Her First Crygasm

Mature Blond Lynn Norwood Experiences Her First CrygasmLynn Norwood has had it rough for the last few years. She's a single mother of three and she's frequently burning both ends of the candle in order to get everything done. A remarkable woman to watch, it's a pleasure to see her taking some time out for herself, tapping into her thoughts, feelings and physicality to experience one of the most intense orgasms she's ever had; a crying orgasm!

Lynn has plenty to cry about if she really puts her mind to it, it's been a tough life, but she always puts on a brave face to the rest of the world. Here those layers peel away and you can watch her succumb to a powerful crygasm in this impressive session.

Jordan Kingsley Sends An Emotional Video Letter To Her Army Lover

Jordan Kingsley Sends An Emotional Video Letter To Her Army LoverJordan Kingsley has been seriously missing her boyfriend lately. He's currently serving in Iraq with the military, and along with the obvious fear for his safety she's also really missing his big cock and the way he used to make sweet love to her.

It's those memories that assist Jordan in delivering a powerful performance in her video love letter through Crygasm. This crying orgasm is certainly a very heart-felt and emotional response that is very touching to watch, particularly when Jordan says goodbye at the end, her pussy glistening with orgasmic juice and sweet salty tears pouring down her cheeks.
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