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Crying Sex

Crying sex is a phenomena experienced by many people at the height of their orgasmic bliss. A cathartic release of emotional energy that borders on the side of becoming spiritual. If you have ever found yourself or your partner crying sexually that's nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about. Crying passion can be an important part of an emotional breakthrough that allows you to experience sexual release on a deeper level than you have ever believed possible before now. Welcome to Crying Sex where we celebrate the harmony between physical release, emotional relief and spiritual peace!

Tanned Blond Amy Brooke Has A Big Climax

Tanned Blond Amy Brooke Has A Big ClimaxAmy Brooke is a blond sweetheart with an all natural body and a lovely pussy that's ripe for a good fucking. Today Amy is working her own pussy hard with her fingers and a dildo, sending waves of pleasure through her body as she pumps harder and faster. Each powerful stroke takes her closer to her ultimate goal; an incredibly intense orgasm. During her build-up, as her hand pumps faster and deeper into her hot pussy Amy is focusing her mind on everything she's been feeling lately. The result is incredible as Amy climaxes with a crying release unlike anything she's ever felt before!

Kiera King Loves To Pump Her Own Pussy

Kiera King Loves To Pump Her Own PussyKiera King is 22 years old and a real bundle of vibrant energy! Kiera loves to fuck herself, especially when she gets to do it in front of a camera to satisfy the voyeuristic tendencies of horny men and women. Witness Kiera pumping and fingering her pussy with intense gusto as she slides out of her sexy lingerie and spreads her legs wide open for much better access. Kiera is an expert at fucking herself which isn't surprising given the amount of time she's spent masturbating! Witness Kiera's very first crying orgasm at Crygasm as she pumps herself so intensely that she bursts into tears as well as into orgasmic bliss!

Sexy Jessica Valentino Is 20 Years Old And Insatiable!

Sexy Jessica Valentino Is 20 Years Old And Insatiable!Jessica Valentino has a dusky complexion and an almost insatiable appetite for pleasure. If she could, Jessica would live a hedonistic lifestyle and focus all her attention on providing herself with pure pleasure at all times. Sadly that's just a dream world, but at least in this world she can work herself to an incredibly intense orgasm that will leave her crying tears of orgasmic release down her pretty cheeks. This sexy brunette looker is the ultimate slut as she pulls her fingers out of her pussy, with tears streaming down her face, and then licks every last drop of her pussy juice from those digits.
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