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Crying Sex

Crying sex is a phenomena experienced by many people at the height of their orgasmic bliss. A cathartic release of emotional energy that borders on the side of becoming spiritual. If you have ever found yourself or your partner crying sexually that's nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about. Crying passion can be an important part of an emotional breakthrough that allows you to experience sexual release on a deeper level than you have ever believed possible before now. Welcome to Crying Sex where we celebrate the harmony between physical release, emotional relief and spiritual peace!

Missing My Marine - Crygasm Story Part 3

Missing My Marine - Crygasm Story Part 3First I felt a cool draft from the open window in the kitchen against my ass cheeks and then all of a sudden *THWACK* IT STUNG as his hand came clapping down against my ass! WOW! He never spanked me on the butt before ever - and I turned around, shocked by the hard spank he gave me.

“If yer gonna dress like a whore, I’m going to have to treat you like one” he said. I looked down at his shoes out of instinct and meekly said ‘I’m sorry I didn’t mean to…” but he interrupted me “I didn’t ask you for an excuse Lucy. When I want to hear what’s on your mind I’ll ask…otherwise you’ll be doing a lot more listening and no speaking. Is that understood?” I quickly said “Yes” and raised my eyes up to meet his.

He was staring at me with this sharp glare. I’d never seen that look on his face before, it was like he was looking at me and searching for a weakness. He knew I was his and even if I wanted to, there was no way my eyes could hide that fact. “Drop down on your knees Lucy” he said. I looked over at the open apartment door and for a moment I hesitated because anyone in the hall could look right into my place and see us right in the middle of their view!

“I won’t tell you to do something twice Lucy… stop thinking and start doing” he said. His voice was low and gravely, his breath was almost louder than his words and it was as if he was weaving some kind of spell over me. My knees started bending and I was down on the hard wood floor in front of him kneeling almost before I even knew what I was doing.

Check Out the Infamous Pippi Sex Tape

Check Out the Infamous Pippi Sex TapeFamous for playing Pippi Longstocking in the movies, Tami Erin is all grown up now, as evidenced in the amazing Pippi sex tape that has recently surfaced.

While she isn't crying in this hot video, recorded in private with her now ex-boyfriend, she certainly must have been when he started threatening it's public release. In a sexual performance worthy of a professional pornstar, Ms. Erin takes it in every opening to satisfy her man, making clear why he would be so vindictive upon losing her, she's a real catch!

DDF Network Features Passionate And Emotional Porn For Lovers

DDF Network Features Passionate And Emotional Porn For LoversThe DDF Network of sites recognizes that lovers often want to share porn that is a bit more romantic and filled with longing and emotion, so they have put together an A-List of Passionate Pornstars that let their guard down and make love on film. Often these films are so packed with emotion that the lovers will shed a tear at the height of their sexual ecstasy, which makes this super hot porn to watch with your partner.
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