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Missing My Marine - Crygasm Story Part 3

Missing My Marine - Crygasm Story Part 3First I felt a cool draft from the open window in the kitchen against my ass cheeks and then all of a sudden *THWACK* IT STUNG as his hand came clapping down against my ass! WOW! He never spanked me on the butt before ever - and I turned around, shocked by the hard spank he gave me.

“If yer gonna dress like a whore, I’m going to have to treat you like one” he said. I looked down at his shoes out of instinct and meekly said ‘I’m sorry I didn’t mean to…” but he interrupted me “I didn’t ask you for an excuse Lucy. When I want to hear what’s on your mind I’ll ask…otherwise you’ll be doing a lot more listening and no speaking. Is that understood?” I quickly said “Yes” and raised my eyes up to meet his.

He was staring at me with this sharp glare. I’d never seen that look on his face before, it was like he was looking at me and searching for a weakness. He knew I was his and even if I wanted to, there was no way my eyes could hide that fact. “Drop down on your knees Lucy” he said. I looked over at the open apartment door and for a moment I hesitated because anyone in the hall could look right into my place and see us right in the middle of their view!

“I won’t tell you to do something twice Lucy… stop thinking and start doing” he said. His voice was low and gravely, his breath was almost louder than his words and it was as if he was weaving some kind of spell over me. My knees started bending and I was down on the hard wood floor in front of him kneeling almost before I even knew what I was doing.

Missing My Marine - Crygasm Story Part 4

Missing My Marine - Crygasm Story Part 4He didn’t say anything. The silence was deafening. He just stood there in front of me as if I knew what was expected of me. Shyly I reached out with my hands and started to unbuckle his thick leather belt. I leaned forward and grabbed the metal zipper of his jeans between my teeth and used every muscle in my neck to help me draw it down as the scent of leather and my trembling hands started to become obvious to me.

My Marine doesn’t like to be kept waiting and I guess I was moving too slowly. He reached down and clutched my head with his strong muscular hands. With one hand he took hold of my head, not by pulling my hair… it was more like he was palming a basketball. My head moved wherever he hinted it should go, I was not resisting and I’m not sure it would have helped even if I tried! His other hand pushed my fingers away, and as he gripped his cock, he brought both of his hands together with my face right in the middle! I was nervous and excited and I felt this huge mix of emotions coursing through my body all at once.

I heard myself gagging on his cock before I felt it in my throat. It was like an out of body experience and I was almost numb to the discomfort of the hard wood floor against my knees and the pressure of his strong hands feeding his nine inch dick into my mouth. I never deep-throated anyone before, it always seemed like something I should learn to do but as it turns out I didn’t need any lessons… I just needed someone to help me open up and take it!

He was groaning and standing over me as his shadow covered me kneeling between his legs. I didn’t dare look up at him, somehow I could sense that just wasn’t something I was allowed to do. This wasn’t about me, this was about him and I was just a sexual tool there to be used for his own purposes. He started to lean forward against my mouth, pushing his hips all the way down toward me as my body started to buckle… my petite shoulders were no match for the force of his muscular body and gravity pushing down on me all at once. I crumpled to the floor, and on the way down, my apron slid off to the side of me exposing my tits to his touch.

Missing My Marine - Crygasm Story Part 5

Missing My Marine - Crygasm Story Part 5Like a savage hunter he saw my body become uncovered and his hand immediately grasped the nipple of my right breast. I was laying flat on the floor and he was now slowly and methodically pressing his body against me, forcing his cock to almost completely disappear in my mouth! Then without warning he pinched my nipple between his fingers. He wasn’t just playing with my nipple, he was clamping down on it so hard that I started to scream, and just before I did, he squeezed the rest of his dick into my throat and relaxed his grasp on my tits. I would have smiled if my face wasn’t already stuffed full of cock!

He didn’t seem interested in my pussy so I guess shaving it earlier that morning was a waste of time. He could care less about my natural 38Cs except to use them as a remote control for making my throat open up when he pinched them. To him, for those few minutes I was just a warm wet throat and nothing else. It was exhilarating to know that I was his... totally and completely. There was no discussion, no planning ahead of time… he just knew what I wanted and took what belonged to him.

As the speed and power of his thrusts intensified my head started tapping harder and harder against the wood floor. I must have groaned a little because he slid his hand under my head and kept fucking my mouth, using the back of his palm as a cushion to keep me safe. I know it sounds weird but even as he was brutally humping my face I kept thinking how thoughtful he was to have noticed my predicament - even in his moment of glory!
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